Pink Deseyener Trays

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Achieve the Darkest sets with our Ultra soft, Feather -light Lashes. 

Pink Deseyener Edition Trays Feature: 

  • Deep Jet black finish
  • Extremely soft and feathery light 
  • Foil backing for easy removal from tray and keeps your lash tile clean.
  • 12 lash lines per tray
  • Curls Available: CC, D, DD curl
  •  lengths available: 9mm through 21mm 
  • Diameters available:  0.03 & 0.05
  • Fan Effortlessly 
  • Great for all Fanning Techniques 
  • Non Sticky Base 
  • Longest Lasting Curl 
  • Super Lightweight and Comfortable to Wear

This product is:

  • Vegan, Not tested on animals