Product Branding Blueprint

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Get access to Wendy's Blueprint to a successful Lash Brand !

Transform or create your own lash brand with our Product Branding Blueprint! This comprehensive guide will help you create a unique and captivating brand that sets you apart from the rest. Unlock the potential of your lash products and stand out in this competitive market. Maximize your brand's impact with our blueprint today!


  • Wendy's Vendor Contacts 
  • Negotiating Product Deals
  • Product Development 
  • Product Design 
  • Packaging
  • Branding and logo 
  • Marketing and Sales 
  • Customer Service and Support 
  • Handling Customer Disputes 
  • Fulfilment
  • Website creation 
  • Social Media
  • Sales Tax 
  • LLC and Trademarks 
  • Trademark Attorney 
  • Profit and Losses
  • Ambassador Program 
  • Contract and NDA

             And More ! 

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