Spill The Tea Adhesive

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Spill the Tea is a Waterproof, oil-proof adhesive, designed for Advanced Lash Artists and should not be used by beginner Artist as it is an extremely fast drying adhesive with a dry time of 0.3- 0.5 Seconds. 

• Waterproof & oil proof, No more holding back tears when spilling the tea. #BREAKUPPROOF

•Dry Time: 0.3- 0.5 Seconds 

•Color: Black 

•5ml Bottle 

•Retention: 7-8 Weeks 

•Viscosity: Thin

• Low Fumes

• Humidity: 40-75 

•Temp: 68-77 F•

•Shelf Life (Unopened): 6 months  

•Open: 3 months 

• Shake Adhesive for 60 seconds to ensure all ingredients are mixed well. (Be sure to shake well before every use)